Time Always Moves On.

time always moves on

Time always moves on

As winter is followed by spring we find ourselves looking forward.

Turkey is going through one of its saddest times and although we wish we could fix it, we also realise that time marches us forward and all we can do is give what we can, show compassion where it is needed and try to remember every day how precious life is.

Here in Fethiye we have seen fantastic efforts given to our brothers and sisters in the east of Turkey, and we are reminded that at a time of hardship we can also shine through in small ways, as the season changes and spring starts to show small signs all around us we are posting these photos to spread a small amount of joy.

As spring aproaches and the days begin to get warmer, throughout Turkey there are some of the sweetest sights, from the contrast of the greenary in the Black sea region to floating above wild flowers in Cappadocia, to sitting besaides the waters edge smelling the sweet scents of jasmin and bouganvillia, this season of new life reminds us to move forward with hope.

Turkey is a nation of resoursful loving people who will endure, and come out the other side with new found strength and purpose.




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