Tips for Holidaying in Turkey

Whether you’re thinking of investing in Turkish property or just want to come to this beautiful country for a well-deserved holiday, there are always a few tips and cultural know-hows that it’s good to be aware of. And here t Oceanwide Properties Turkey we can give you a list of them right here:


Turkish Exchange Rate

It’s always best to exchange your currency right here in Turkey itself as you’ll get much more lira for your sterling. Sure, get enough in the UK to get you by the first couple of days but after that, always exchange locally at a bank.

Eating out

Beachfront restaurants tend to be frequented by tourists and are always going to be much more expensive than a little cafe in a hidden away side street. If you’re worried about how much you should tip then don’t be. Just as in the UK the tipping rate here is around 10 per cent.

Travelling in Turkey

Car rentals aren’t expensive per see, but petrol in Turkey is. Just as in the UK diesel is the cheapest fuel to fill up with. the buses in Turkey are good and regular and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with the train either.


Bartering at a stall where there are no prices displayed or the price seems excessive. It’s also fine to barter if you’re buying a lot of goods at once (ie in bulk). Shops which display price tags don’t tend to go in for bartering. A deal in Turkey is done once you and the trader have shaken on it.

Dressing in Public

It’s fine to wear shorts and a bikini on the beach if you’re in a coastal resort where there are a lot of tourists. In places such as Istanbul however (even though it’s cosmopolitan) it’s still the norm for women to cover up. It’s especially important to be aware of local dress customs if you’re in a small Turkish village or town.

The Turkish Welcome

The Turkish are an extremely friendly nation and as a rule tend to be interested in foreign visitors. Don’t be surprised to be kissed on both cheeks on first meeting a Turkish national. This is a traditional greeting for a friend and you’ll probably be asked too if you’d like a coffee or a snack – such is their hospitality.

The above are just a quick list of tips but we’re sure that you’ll enjoy your trip to Turkey anyhow. If you’re looking to move her permanently or seeking Turkey property to invest in then we’d be delighted to show you around here at Oceanwide Properties. We’re also expert in marketing Turkish properties and keen to speak with sellers in coastal resorts such as Fethiye (where we are based), Kalkan, Side and the city of Istanbul itself. We have a multi-lingual team and a portfolio of Turkey properties which stretches throughout the main coastal towns and villages in Turkey.


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