Tips for Single Females Relocating to Turkey


For single women relocating to a foreign country – whether for work or pleasure – there is always the question of safety.  And even if you aren’t worried about this for yourself, no doubt your loved ones back home in the UK will be fretting unnecessarily. But you can reassure them. That’s because regardless of which foreign country we’re discussing, the most important safety precaution to take along with you to an unfamiliar land is, of course, common sense – mixed with some local insights. Here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey we’re happy to provide the latter:


A Bit of Turkish History

As a Muslin country and one which still sits outwith the European Union (although possibly not for long), Turkey doesn’t have the same rights for women as those in the west (which, incidentally aren’t perfect either – consider the inequality in pay at the very top of British professions, not to mention the lack of female representation within board rooms). Within the past decade though Turkey has witnessed real changes for women, especially in terms of equal rights in marriage, divorce and property in Turkey. Meanwhile, happily, universal access to education and the banning of discrimination have also made life an awful lot easier for women there.


Istanbul is Turkey’s most contemporary city and here, you will find that many women lead a life similar to those in the west – especially in terms of dress code, profession and social live.  Various religious factors and Muslim traditions are still very much observed however and often it’s wise for foreign women to wear some type of conservative clothing when it comes to covering up areas of flesh.

Learn to Get Better at Bartering

If you’re a tourist to Turkey for the first time then you’re in for a treat. This is a very friendly, honest and warm-hearted country. Be prepared to barter for goods in market stalls – and enjoy it (this is all part of the fun once you start to relax about it and its how much purchasing of goods at many markets in Turkey is done). And if course if you’re keen on investing in property in Turkey then obviously you’ll be doing a form of bartering in that respect too (just as you would back home in the UK).

When it comes down to it, Turkey is a beautiful country and people from across the globe are growing increasingly fond of their Turkish holidays. UK citizens in particular are buying more property in Turkey than ever before and are only the third highest group to do so (behind Russia and Germany respectively).

If you’re considering looking at property for sale in Fethiye, Kalkan or other areas of the south of Turkey – as well as Istanbul – then please do get in touch with here at Oceanwide Properties as we have a wide portfolio we’d be happy to show you, as well as give you insights into the Turkish economy and way of business and life here.


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