Tips for Travelling Around Turkey


Many individuals and couples come to Turkey, not to holiday in one of our pretty coastal resorts or buy Turkey property and retire here,  but rather to travel around from village to village and stay a week or two in the cities such as Istanbul.


The days of easy student inter-railing round Europe is long gone but there are still many young people who enjoy discovering Turkey and its culture for themselves.

When travelling for months at a time though it’s important to look after your health. Here’s our Oceanwide Properties guide to remaining fighting fit while travelling round Turkey:

Drink As Much Water As You Can

In Turkey it gets hot – extremely hot (especially during the height of summer in July and August) but it’s important to remain hydrated all year round, especially if you’re doing a lot of traveling and walking around.  It’s common for people to believe they’re hungry when really they are just dehydrated. The answer to this potential problem is, of course, to always carry a bottle of water around with you. Drinking bottled water also means there’s no problems with tap water causing a stomach upset or similar.

Diet is Important

As you would imagine, just like at other times in our lives, it’s important to eat regularly when traveling. But don’t just fill up on carbs; make sure you get plenty of protein too as this will sustain you for when you’re embarking on longer walks through the Turkish countryside. Don’t go full tilt on Turkish cuisine either – especially if you’re not used to it. Build up to all those spices slowly.

Get Plenty of Vitamins

The easiest way to stock up on A, B, C and other vitamins is, of course, to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables – and there is no shortage of these wonderful nutritious foods right here in Turkey. Salad and vegetable couscous is a big favourite in Turkey and once you get the taste for the latter, it’s kind of difficult to stop we’ve found.

Make Sure Meals are Regular

It’s easy to get carried away when visiting new sites – such as all those wonderful ancient tombs and other Roman splendours in Turkey, but remember to eat at set meal times too (or as close to them as you can). That’s because your body gets used to eating at a certain time. Breakfast, of course, is important and if you’re planning a day of sightseeing it’s crucial. Eat a big breakfast with plenty of toast, eggs, yogurt and peanut butter. That way you’ll be able to go right through to lunch without even a stomach rumble.

Keep Moving

Walking is a great form of exercise. More importantly when you’re traveling, it’s free. Biking is also a great way to get around a new country and you can certainly hire bikes here in Turkey. Go to the beach and have a swim – or maybe you’re lucky enough to have a pool at the Turkey property you’re staying in? If so, use it!

Find out more tips from the Oceanwide Properties team – not just about holidaying here of course but also when it comes to investing in property in Turkey or if you’re seeking property for sale in Fethiye, Kalkan and other coastal resorts.


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