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Falling in love with Turkey is extremely easy: the climate is favourable for the start, the people amongst the friendliest in the world,  and the country itself known for its exciting mix of Middle Eastern and European influences in terms of dress, decor and food. Not only that but Turkey is easy to reach from the UK and in fact the rest of Europe. It is relatively easy these days to buy a property in Turkey and move over here thanks to lifted restrictions in this field within the past couple of years. If you are thinking of coming out here on a long-term basis then here are a few practical tips from the team at Oceanwide Properties Turkey:


What to Take to Turkey

If you’re moving out to Turkey for a six month stint or longer in your holiday home investment, then you’ll have quite a bit of luggage to take out with you. Chances are you may well need the services of a professional removals company. Having said that, do think carefully about whether or not you really need to ship out a lot of furniture. After all Istanbul and Ankara are famous for their shopping experiences while other medium-sized towns also offer a decent selection of interiors and homeware shops.

Getting to Turkey

Knowing how you are going to be getting to Turkey is an important step in planning what you’ll be moving out with you.  If you plan on travelling by car, for instance, you’ll obviously be able to take a lot more with you than if you and your other half were hopping onboard a plane. There is always the possibility of renting a  small van to pack away of your kitchen equipment etc. Driving can also make for a pleasant travelling experience since you’ll be able to stop off for a rest and even a walk whenever you fancy.

Choosing a Removal Company

Several removal companies offer excellent services when it comes to shipping belongings abroad. Ring round at least three companies to find out the best price and what they include within that figure. Some companies insist that you book their services at least a month in advance to allow them to do some planning. If you’re not going with your goods then do make sure that there will be someone in Turkey ready to sign for them on delivery.

Ensuring You are Insured

You no doubt have household insurance here in the UK.  Check and see if your company will offer it for Turkey property too and if it’s a good deal then there’s no reason not to accept. In other words, you don’t need to have an insurance company in Turkey securing your possessions – you may be able to do it from home in the UK before you even set out for those warmer climes.

For Turkey property investments do consider us here at Oceanwide Properties. We have offices in both London and Fethiye in Turkey. Not only that but our team are multi-lingual so can help with any language difficulties you may experience along the way to finding your dream home.


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