Top reasons to spend your retirement in Turkey


Oceanwide Properties are focusing on retirement in Turkey throughout February. With the days that retirees headed to Spain, France and Portugal now dwindling, and the number of elderly ex-pat residents in Turkey on the increase, it appears the favored new trend is to spend your golden years here on Turkey’s sunny shores.

“Over the past few years, many of our clients have been British retirees looking to make their pensions stretch further” says Suleyman Akbay, MD at Oceanwide Properties. “Spain, France and Portugal used to attract the majority looking to retire abroad, but we are now seeing far more Brits and Europeans looking towards Turkey for retirement. I would say main lures are the lower costs of living, warmer climate, heathcare and amount of reasonably priced Turkish property for sale“.

There are many reasons to consider Turkey for retirement. Here are our top five;

1. Affordable Turkish properties

Oceanwide Properties have fully furnished apartments for sale in Fethiye for as little as £43,000, our cheapest villa in Ovacik at present is just £45,995. This is a far cry from the price tags on properties in the eurozone like Spain and France. It is a far more manageable outlay for many looking for a laid back life abroad.

2. Lower cost of living

The cost of daily living in Turkey, especially on the Southern coast in areas like Fethiye, is a fraction of that in the UK and many other European countries. Those spending their retirement in Turkey can enjoy council tax bills of as little as £50 a year, utility bills that are around 60% cheaper than the UK, buy fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables by the kilo for astoundingly cheap prices and enjoy tasty local food in traditional restaurants without worrying it will break the bank if done too often.

3. The climate

With long hot summers and milder winters, retirement in Turkey means you can make the most of your days. From March to November you can normally enjoy the outdoors without much chance of rain. Enjoy BBQs, days out to the beach, dine alfresco in one of many superb local restaurants or take a relaxing walk along the sea front. Even during the cooler winter months, when it does rain occasionally, it tends to last no longer than a couple of days (normally hours) leaving the rest of the week to enjoy your life outdoors.

4. Healthcare

For foreign residents retiring to Turkey, general heath insurance is now compulsory. Most ex-pats will agree that the governments SGK healthcare policy is good. A small monthly fee grants access to treatment in local government hospitals and fabulous reductions in most private hospitals. The private hospitals in most towns and cities are excellent, so much so that many patients are now choosing to come from abroad to undergo medical procedures rather than be a number on a lengthy waiting list in their home countries. Specialist appointments are made easily and treatment follows quickly in most cases.

5. Turkey is a non-eurozone

Although Turkey as a non-eurozone may make some think twice, you need to remember that this is the main reason for the lower cost of living. It is said that if Turkey does eventually join the EU, albeit it unlikely in the near future, the prices would rise considerably much in the same way as they did in other eastern European countries that joined in the past. Should this happen, the prices of property in Turkey would undoubtedly rise meaning investment in Turkey may pan out to be an real earner.

Retirement in Turkey Property
Beautiful Uzumlu Villa For Sale Just £132,000

There are many properties for sale in Fethiye ideally suited to those wanting to retire here. The region is diverse with Calis and Central Fethiye ideally suited to those with mobility issues looking to be able to walk on the flat,  Uzumlu village great for those wanting a quiet escape yet still be within easy reach of the town, and Ovacik fabulous if you have a car or don’t mind ambling up and down a few hills. Take a look at our properties in Fethiye on the Oceanwide Properties website, and don’t forget last weeks property listing, the beautiful villa in Uzumlu, ideal for retirement and a steal at just £132,000.



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