Top Yoga Retreats in Turkey


Is the year taking its toll on you? Is it causing you to dream of quiet and serene moments, sunny days and lots of relaxed time to yourself in order to get rid of all that stress you feel right now and to bring back your equilibrium? If so then you might be interested to hear what we have to say at Oceanwide Properties Turkey. That’s because our  team would like to introduce you here to a few of Turkey’s top yoga retreats.


Turkey is an ideal destination for yoga enthusiasts and beginners alike and, if like many thousands of visitors every year, you are ready to leave behind the beaten tourist routes then we have plenty of excellent venues to choose from. But perhaps your already resident here in a Turkey property and just haven’t got around to trying out this amazingly restorative past time yet? If so, we recommend these resorts in particular:

Huzur Vadisi, Dalaman Mountains
Turkey’s oldest yoga retreat, Huzur Vadisi, is still rated amongst the country’s best. Huzur Vadisi is tucked away in a secluded valley amongst olive groves and fig trees – which already creates the type of perfect peaceful setting for yoga. Accommodation is a lot of fun, being in yurts. Huzur Vadisi is conveniently located near the popular tourist town of Gocek. More recently, the company has added a further two new retreats and judging by Huzur Vadisi’s high standards, one can only imagine that Suleyman’s Garden and The Pomegranate Boutique Hotel – both near the gorgeous Olu Deniz beach – will prove the ultimate relaxation venues.

Yoga Centre, Golkoy
If happiness, health and very professional yoga instruction is what you after, then the Yoga Centre in Golkoy is pretty hard to beat. International yoga teachers have been imparting their skills here for more than a decade. Instruction is for all levels which accommodation is in small seaside hotels near Bodrum (which is great for exploring in between yoga sessions).

Juicemaster Retreat
The Juicemaster Retreat in Gocek comes with an interesting tagline: juice meals. Expect only liquid meal options here but once you’ve explored and experienced the power of this, you won’t even miss solid food, we’re sure. The Juicemaster practices Hatha yoga style and classes are for all yoga levels. This retreat places great emphasis on health including detox sessions for weight loss. The retreat is located in the mountains above Gocek in an environment guaranteed to open your heart, mind and body to healthy living.

For years, Turkey has been feted as a yoga location. Its favourable weather, secluded valleys and mountains – not to mention small rural seaside towns – are exactly the type of environment necessary to facilitate relaxing and intense yoga sessions.

If all this talk about yoga retreats have you yearning to establish your own retreat on Turkey property, why not call on Oceanwide Properties Turkey and speak to one of our team of multi-lingual estate agents? We specialise in property for sale in Fethiye and other coastal regions of this beautiful country such as Side and Antalya. We also offer a property marketing and buying service in Istanbul. Turkey, you’ll find is (literally) a hot favourite amongst UK and other European ex-pats.


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