Travelling with children to Turkey


At Oceanwide Properties, we know how important it is for you to take along your children when travelling to Turkey on holiday or even if you’re looking for a property for sale in Fethiye, Kalkan, Istanbul etc. And there are plenty of reasons why you should bring your children along since Turkey has a child-friendly culture, is affordability and has lots of great beaches that children will love.

Children Welcome
Children are welcomed throughout Turkey. Turkish citizens tend to adore children and because of this you should have no difficulty finding entertainment or child-friendly facilities. Turkey actually has a predominantly young generation. Incidentally, don’t be alarmed if  local Turkish citizens pay special attention to your children – they are just a nation who enjoy having youngsters around.

Kaputas Beach, Antalya Turkey

Entertainment for Youngsters
Turkey’s coastal regions with its many beaches may be a hit among us adults, but it’s an even greater place for children – as you can imagine! Not only do all resorts boast plenty of entertainment options, but the safe Mediterranean beaches and calm waters are great for bathing with little ones.

Off to the Cities
It may sound difficult to believe but travelling via public transport to Turkey’s main cities is equally enjoyable with children. That’s because, happily, the country’s public transport is well-developed and entirely affordable for family journeys. In the cities, you can either opt to spend time with your children and child entertainment attractions, or a lovely alternative is to visit the local bazaars with the little ones in tow. For children the bazaars can prove a real  educational and cultural experience. It’s all about enjoying local tastes and treats while taking in the sights and surrounds of Turkey’s bustling cities and bazaars.

Practical stuff: Vaccines
When travelling with children there are, of course, many practical things to consider such as vaccines and medical requirements. For Turkey, routine vaccines are necessary, including immunisation against chicken pox, the MMR vaccine, a polio vaccine and an annual flu shot. Polio vaccines are especially important for children travelling to Turkey. One other thing to bear in mind is rabies. Turkey is known for its stray animals and children in particular tend to be exposed to animals and animal bites due to their curiosity and love of animals. A vaccination against rabies for children is therefore pretty crucial – certainly, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Travelling to Turkey with children will certainly prove to be a bit of a family adventure. And really, don’t be too surprised if you find yourself being begged endlessly for a repeat trip to Turkey the following summer. If you are considering relocating to Turkey or simply extending your current stay in the country then why not contact us here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey  where we can show you our large portfolio of holiday homes to rent or property in Fethiye and other coastal areas that you may be interested in investing in.


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