Truly Fab Turkish Festivals


Here at Oceanwide Properties we do manage to get some time off from marketing and selling Turkey property now and again. And, one of our favourite things to do when we manage to achieve this is attend some of the exciting festivals taking place in this wonderful part of the world.

Here in this post we’ve listed some of the unmissable up-and-coming events due to take place over the next couple of months. Why don’t you take a look and see if there’s any you fancy yourself if you happen to be coming to Turkey any time soon?

Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival

Taking place between 29 June and 5 July in the Turkish city of Edirne, the Kirkpinal Oil Wrestling Festival always draws large crowds. And it’s not difficult to see why. This hilarious and rather exhilarating event commemorates the national sport of Turkey and actually dates back hundreds of years (around 700 we reckon). It’s believed to have been kick-started by a bunch of Ottoman raiders but today some of the finest wrestlers in Turkey can be found showcasing their skills.


Prior to participating the wrestlers actually wipe each other down in oil (this is a mark of respect) while dressed in hand-stitched lederhosen made from water buffalo hide and known locally as a Kisbet. It is this piece of distinctive  clothing which opponents attempt to control their sparring partner with by sticking their arm through it and holding the other man down.

Spectators can happily wile away an entire day at this event watching the wresting, sampling food from various stalls and dancing to the music of gypsy bands. It’s a great day out.

Bodrum Ballet Festival

The setting for this high-brow event is the stunning 15th century Bodrum Castle. From 19 July to 6 August, the Bodrum Ballet Festival draws ballet lovers and culture vultures from far and wide in Turkey – as well as around the world. Now in its 12th breathtaking year, the Festival has a wonderful, friendly atmosphere which is well worth experiencing if you happen to be in Bodrum or living nearby around this time. Look out this year for the Moscow Academic Classical Ballet’s performance and compositions from a number of well-known Turkish composers.

Istanbul Shopping Fest

Shopaholics will love the Istanbul Shopping Fest from 7- 29 June. It’s when the famous city transforms into a shopping, entertainment and general culture centre. Enjoy a number of free purchases and special discounts only available for the 40 day length extravaganza. Don’t worry about missing out on shopping time either since most of the participating stores remain open to allow you to shop until you drop (or at least until 2am).

Meanwhile shopping takes place to a backdrop of festival activities such as a number of outdoor plays and musical events. Even many of the local tourist attractions stay open late to welcome visitors to the city.

If you do happen to be in Turkey’s coastal areas or Istanbul over the next couple of months and are looking for a property for sale in Fethiye, Kalkan or even a Turkey property in Istanbul then do get in touch. We’d love for you to come and meet the team here at Oceanwide Properties.



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