Turkey: A Golfing Mecca


Turkey is world-renowned for lots of reasons and one of the biggest is in sporting provision – particularly golf where its courses are some of the most spectacular ever built.


Well, they should be – they’ve been designed by some of the world’s best golfers including Colin Montgomerie and Nick Faldo. And for that reason alone Turkey has become rather a mecca for golfers throughout the globe.

It’s also the reason many couples opt to buy a retirement home in Turkey or opt to invest in Turkey property, knowing fine well they can come and spend several months of the year enjoying golf and renting out their property for an income the remainder of the year. Not a bad retirement plan at all, we believe here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey.

Golfing Locations in Turkey

Antalya is extremely well provisioned in terms of golf courses and facilities (ie luxury grade hotels and villas with first class customer service). Indeed the service often includes travel to and from resorts and courses which means all the lucky golfer has to think about is his or her game.

Indeed the Belek resort town area in particular boasts a number of upmarket courses – such as the pine-tree covered Gloria Golf Resort and the Sirene Palace Golf Resort – and sits just 40 minutes from the airport in Antalya.

In fact many golfers regard Belek in Turkey as the best area in Europe for the sport. And that’s not just at amateur level since The Old Course at the Gloria Resort has already played host to the European Senior and World Golf Championships. The Faldo-designed course at the Carya Golf Club has been described as sandy and “challenging” while Monty’s course at the Papillon Golf Club is undisputably of championship level.

Here at Oceanwide Properties we have a number of properties for sale in Turkey, as well as off-plan apartments which are currently very competitvely priced and expected to rise in value as Turkey steams towards membership of the EU.

Golfing Weather in Turkey

Perhaps one of the biggest pluses about golfing in Turkey, particularly in the south west, is that the erstwhile golfer is more or guaranteed a great climate in which to play – unlike that other world class golfing country – Scotland – and where, unfortunately for the keen golfer, it tends to rain more often than not).

The Turkish Golf Federation

Formed in 1996, the Turkish Golf Federation is a bit of an august body which oversees membership of the 20 top class golf clubs in the country. At present affiliated club members exceed 1000 but the numbers are growing as the sport similarly increases in popularity.

Several new courses have also been added in recent years, particularly in the south west region (or Turkish Riveria) and one of which is the renowned Lykia Links (as the name suggests a course comprising only links) and situated near the Mediterranean sea, providing magnificent coast views.

If retiring to Turkey and playing golf for three or four months of the year on some of the world’s finest courses appeals to you then please do contact our office here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey and let us show you the area together with available properties. We can also guide you on the whole buying property in Turkey process.

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