Turkey: A Top Lifestyle Destination


Turkey is a country that numerous travel agents, glossy mags (and actually we here at Oceanwide Properties) describe as a ‘lifestyle destination of note’. What this means is that the beautiful Turkish countryside, slower pace of life and the fantastic warm weather makes it the perfect location to retire to, unwind or take a sabbatical in.


More for Your Money

And there’s another plus point too when it comes to visiting or settling down in Turkey: ex-pats and travelers will love the country for its affordability – groceries, travel and entertainment are all much less expensive in Turkey than the UK or many other European destinations. It’s no surprise then that many UK citizens opt to buy property in Turkey so that they can spend more time in the country when they visit.

Turkish restaurants in particular are affordable for foreigners and there is a whole host of ancient historical venues you could spend years visiting. The ex-pat quota for UK citizens in particular is very high in Turkey and the ex-pat communities that currently exist here are very welcoming to the new ex-pat on the block. In fact, if you’re seriously thinking of retiring to Turkey then the current exchange rate makes it an excellent time to buy a property in Turkey – better than it has been for years in fact.

Resort Town, Rural or City?

Turkey’s resort towns have undergone beautiful renovations and developments in recent years. This means that holiday destinations such as Fethiye, Alanya, Gocek and many others offer a great balance between a tourist lifestyle and a place to settle down longer-term. Obviously the bigger cities such as Istanbul will offer a more exciting and a faster paced lifestyle. They also make it easy to work in Turkey on a consultancy basis if you were retiring but still fancied keeping your hand in.

Relaxed Lifestyle

Being a Mediterranean country Turkey enjoys the benefits of an abundance of healthy fruit and vegetables and this, of course, means plenty of nutritious and delicious cuisine. Then there’s all that outdoor living which results in lots of fresh air and exercise.

If you are thinking of retiring to Turkey, then here at Oceanwide Properties we’d be very pleased to help you find a property and get to grips with the actual Turkey property buying process (which differs quite markedly from the UK). The Turkish government is actively encouraging non-Turkish residents to buy property in Turkey so the system has become less complicated in recent months, you’ll be glad to hear.

If you do dream of retiring to a Mediterranean country such as Turkey then it’s a good idea to start looking at properties in the country right now and we can help you with that. We’ll also send you a property guide and other information we think may be useful to you. Just drop us an email or give us a call at our London office today.


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