Turkey as a Fun Surfing Destination


Keen surfers may well have tried out Turkish waters. If not then here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey we love the surfing scene. Here in this post we have listed what we believe are the best surfing spots in the coastal resorts where we are specialists in selling Turkey property:


Setting the Scene
Turkey isn’t one of the world’s top surfing destinations – California and New South Wales in Australia probably get that crown – but it does have its own charms. Although the swells may be short-lived here you will be able to enjoy the freedom of isolated beaches and winding country roads. After all Turkey is in the Med whose waters are well known for decent sized waves.

Mediterranean Sea and Clear Water
Both southern and northern Turkey coasts have brilliantly clear Mediterranean waters. Swells of up to seven seconds long are common but occasionally you’ll get one lasting up to 12 seconds. The Black Sea, on the northern Turkish coastline, offers up waves of between one and three metres. Interestingly, Turkey is one of only a few surfing spots in the world which has semi-fresh water. This results in lower buoyancy and means you may need to adjust your surf board slightly.

Waves of Alanya
In addition to offering a very steady surfing environment – with at least 20 guaranteed days to surf in every month during the peak season – Alanya is also a top tourist area so there is plenty of entertainment around outwith the sport. You’ll find in Alanya a large expat community from the UK who have been buying property in Turkey for decades now. Surfers of all levels love it here and it’s a great spot for surf spectators to join in with the sport – albeit in a voyeuristic capacity.

Learning to surf
If you’ve never surfed before but are keen to appreciate the adrenalin high the sport offers, then Turkey may just be the ideal place to learn. That’s because the waters are calm and reveal no threats likely to topple inexperienced learners. The Bodrum coastal region in fact offers a number of available surfing instructors and surfing schools willing to teach novices the ropes. The schools are especially popular with holiday makers so if you’re serious about your surfing then it’s probably best to come outwith holiday season to guarantee the undivided attention of instructors.

Time to Surf
Although largely depending on whether you are heading for north or south Turkey, the best time to surf in Turkey would be winter and spring. Spring because it’s not too busy and early winter for areas such as the Black Sea region when water temperatures are pleasant.

Surfing as a sport and recreational activity is certainly gaining in popularity throughout Turkey and if you own property in Turkey in a coastal setting and have never tried the sport before then don’t you think it’s about time you did? Meanwhile, if you are already an avid surfer and looking to do more of the sport here then why not take a look out for an investment property in Turkey?

For more Turkey property advice, please feel free to contact the bi-lingual team here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey where we’ll be happy to talk you through our extensive portfolio of villas and apartments for sale or rental.


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