Turkey: Perfect for Sunshine and Sports

Renowned for its months of long sunshine and warm weather, not to mention its outdoor lifestyle, beautiful coastal locations, harbours, beaches and mountains, Turkey seems the ideal country for participating in sports and enjoying an active lifestyle.

But just ask the Turkish government for their take on that. They have recently introduced a series of Get Active-type campaigns to get the population moving. Possibly it’s too warm to partake in strenuous sports during a Turkish summer? If you avoid exertion in the hottest part of the day though ie 1pm to 3pm, then that shouldn’t be the case at all. Not that we’re all sports freaks here in the Oceanwide Properties office but hopefully we can provide you with a little insight into Turkish outdoor life:


Exercise Not the Most Favourite Activity Around

You’ll find that football is a game which is popular in both rural Turkey and in the cities – unfortunately though you’re more likely to find people in the stands rather on the playing field. Gyms aren’t exactly in abundance – but then why should there be when the weather is so nice that it’s possible to exercise outdoors most of the year? And anyway, gyms tend to be expensive in Turkey – around Euro 97 for a monthly subscription.

Official Government Support

As we mentioned in our intro to this post, Turkey’s leaders are realising the dangers – and, it has to be said, expense – of an inactive population. Obesity, cancers, high blood pressure, diabetes – an inactive lifestyle can contribute to all of these illnesses and conditions. Because of this the government has introduced a number of programmes for residents in Turkey and are targeting youngsters in particular.

Hope From a Younger Generation

But, happily, things may be on the up. That’s because Turkey’s younger generation is much more familiar with global trends when it comes to activities and past times.  Expect to see university students following more active lifestyles than a generation or two ago, for instance. Hopefully this will permeate out to an older generation of  parents, aunts and uncles.

And What About The Ex-Pats?

Nothing can stand in the way of the glorious outdoor weather and an ex-pat’s desire for an active lifestyle, we’ve found here at Oceanwide Properties. Having been deprived of the sun for so long in the UK they tend to make up for it in excess when they buy a property in Turkey and make the country their home for good (or at least six months of the year). Hang-gliding, diving, skiing, water boarding – we’ve seen it all with clients who never did much more than venture to the gym now and again in Britain.

You can always call on the team here at Oceanwide Properties for expert assistance and guidance when it comes to adopting a new country’s lifestyle and culture. Find your dream Turkey property too by looking through our portfolio either online or in our offices in the beautiful coastal town of Fethiye or back home in London. Why not make an appointment today?

image via NHS.uk


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