Turkey Tourism News Roundup November 13th 2017

Turkey tourism news

Grab a coffee and a biscuit, sit down and take a moment to catch up on this week’s Turkey tourism news. Here are a few highlights from the last seven days… 

Turkish envoy head to Japan to win boost tourist and investment confidence. (Hurriyet Daily News, November 13th, 2017) Turkish Ambassador Murat Mercan has taken a trip to Tokyo on a mission to win back Japanese tourist confidence alongside keeping investment interest high. Mercan commented that many Japanese were still reluctant to come to Turkey following the failed coup and attack on Ataturk Airport last year. It is his hope to reassure the public as well as discuss many investment projects planned and already underway.

The number of foreign tourists coming to Turkey on the rise. (Daily Sabah, November 12th, 2017) The Ministry of Culture and Tourism Deputy General, Cengiz Aydin, once again spoke of how pleased he was that tourism in Turkey was recovering following a horrendous 2016. With the summer season now over in many of the coastal resorts, he commented that 26 million tourists had already visited Turkey during the first nine months of this year, therefore, last years figures have already been exceeded.

Thousands turned out for Istanbul’s Marathon yesterday, the only cross-continental race in the world. (Hurriyet Daily News, November 12th, 2017)  Yesterday saw Istanbul’s 39th Marathon take place. Starting from the Asian side of Istanbul’s July 15th Martyrs Bridge, it covered 46km ending in Sultan Ahmet Square on the European side. Kenyan runner Ruth Cepngetich won the women’s race, French athlete Abraham Kiprotich ranked first for the Men in a great time of 2 hours, 22 minutes. Athletes from around the world competed in the event which attracted spectators and global press and media coverage.

Hatay region of Turkey hoping for tourism following UNESCO gastronomy prize. (Hurriyet Daily News, November 11th, 2017) Ever eaten at Mosaik Bache in Fethiye? If so, that’s the sort of food we are talking, the unique mix of Arab and Turkish flavours served up from Turkey’s South Eastern region of Hatay. The Hatay province was globally recognised last week by UNESCO and won the prestigious title, a “City of Gastronomy”. Sabahattin Nacioglu from Hatay Tourism Association hopes that this will boost tourism in the region, an area known for its connection with early Christianity.

Four Turkish cities rank in the top 100 most visited cities in the world. (Daily Sabah, November 8th, 2017)  Antalya, Erdine, Artvin and Istanbul were listed as four of the most visited cities in the world last week. The list, produced in London by Euromonitor International placed Istanbul at number 15 with 9.2 million visitors, Antalya 29th with 6.1 million, Erdine 68th and Artvin in Turkey’s northeast at 85th. Hong Kong came in first with 26.5 million visitors and London 3rd with 19.2 million.

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