Turkey’s Architecture and Architectural Influences


Ottoman, Anatolian, Arab, Seljuk and Byzantine – these design styles are all key influences when it comes to modern-day Turkish architecture. Whether you are over here in Turkey on holiday or looking for a Turkey property investment with which to convert into a holiday home, then we’re sure you will be keen to take a look around at some of the local architecture in nearby villages and towns. Here’s a quick background to Turkish architecture right here from the team at Oceanwide Turkey:


Early & Classical Ottoman

Hailing from the 14th and 15th century, classical Ottoman architecture remains a central part of building design in Turkey today. You will recognise this particular style because it’s characterised by domes and columns as well as well-balanced shapes and spaces.

Many mosques still exhibit early Ottoman styles, so too do homes in inner cities corners of rural villages. The classical Ottoman architecture was strongly influenced by both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern traditions and styles – and which can be found in abundance in Istanbul. Beautiful national buildings such as the Istanbul Main Post Office remain an architectural inspiration even today.

Architectural Masterpieces

Turkey is home to multiple architectural masterpieces and Istanbul’s strategic location ie sitting between the Bosphorus peninsula and the Mediterranean provide it with multiple architectural and general design influences. This includes the ancient and famous Hippodrome of Constantine, and the well-known Suleymaniye Mosque (the latter dating back to the 16th century). But perhaps, the most appreciated architectural collection is the city’s stunning skyline and which is often recognised around the world.

Modern Influences

Design stylesArt Deco and Bauhaus influenced Turkey’s architectural scene from the 1930s onwards. That’s because global world travel became more affordable. As a result, architectural exchanges between Europe, Asia and Turkey became more commonplace. This left an interesting mix of architectural styles, happily coinciding with a period of prominent construction development in Turkey. And although foreign influenced, Turkey still considers these buildings an important part of Turkey’s architectural history.

Green Architectural Design

Turkey has stepped up to the sustainable architectural challenges of the modern day world. What’s interesting to note though is that traditional Turkish property and architecture already incorporated a fair number of these. Natural air flow, natural light and open-air courtyards, for instance, were commonly found in rural Turkey property – thanks to the heat of the spring and summer months and the relaxed lifestyle of its countrymen (and women) in general.

Turkey then, is undoubtedly a brilliant representative of historic, classical and modern architecture, with strong influences from various world regions and thought paradigms. If the architecture seems like an interesting mix that you would like to see and examine for yourself then do so – for its well worth your time. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a property for sale in Turkey then do get in touch with us here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey. We’ll happily allow you to browse through our most recent portfolio and advice you about the whole buying process in Turkey.


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