Turkey’s Earthquakes – What You Need to Know


When living in Turkey – either a city or peaceful rural area – it makes sense to learn about earthquakes.  If you are currently looking at buying a property for sale in Fethiye or any other area in Turkey come to that, then here are a few important earthquake facts:


Turkey lies on a major seismic fault line and certain regions in the country are subject to both earthquakes and tremors. Historically speaking, Turkey has experienced and survived a number of severe earthquakes. In 1999, two earthquakes with a magnitude over 7.0 affected Izmit and Eastern Turkey respectively.

This is however not unique to Turkey – many countries across the globe need to prepare for earthquakes with official earthquake scientists monitoring all potential activity.

Turkey Property & Earthquakes
Due to Turkey’s history of earthquakes, the government has enforced a system whereby earthquake insurance policies are compulsory for all building owners. Thus, if you are planning on buying a property in Turkey which includes a home or apartment of some sort, you will need to take out earthquake insurance for your property. Property developers in Turkey are however mindful of potential earthquake activity and do bear this in mind when building housing and developing infrastructure.

What Does This Mean for Foreigners?
Many foreigners have lived in Turkey property for decades without experiencing any earthquakes or related seismic activities. But that’s not to say that they don’t occur. Because of this foreigners who are unfamiliar with earthquake proceedure are advised to keep watch for government warnings.

An earthquake announcement will come from local government officials (the British equivalent of the council headquarters). Any instructions they provide should be followed to the letter. They will include warnings against standing beside any tall buildings, glass windows and other potentially harmful structures in the unfortunate event that an earthquake makes them unstable and prone to falling masonry or worse, collapse.

It is not uncommon to hear of ex-pats currently living in Turkey stocking enough food to last three days or more in the event of a minor earthquake since it can prove quite a logistical obstruction to local daily routine and business.

Besides experiencing a few severe earthquakes in their country’s past, most Turkish citizens are more familiar with the reduced upheaval caused by minor tremors. Any one buying Turkish property (whether ex-pat or a Turkish citizen) will be required to take out an earthquake insurance policy (in fact, this is mandatory).

Turkey has a fast growing expat community who thoroughly enjoy the numerous cultural and lifestyle opportunities available to them, regardless of whether they are located in a city such as Istanbul or a coastal resort like Fethiye. If you’re at all interested in moving and resettling in Turkey, or looking towards a holiday home and property investment potential over here then please do contact Oceanwide Properties Turkey. We can provide a catalogue of  local properties for sale as well as happily supply you with details on locations. Contact us to find out expactly what services we can provide to make your move easier.


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