Turkey’s ‘must see’ Top Resorts


We’re actually kind of spoiled for beautiful resorts here in Turkey thanks to its magnificent coastline and the clear, warm waters of the Mediterranean. At Oceanwide Properties Turkey we all have our favourite areas of course and here’s a list of some of the ones we the staff consider the most luxurious and ‘must visit’ areas:

The Natural Beauty of Oludeniz

Oludeniz will always be a favourite with its beautiful meandering bay of soft white sand and sparkling blue sea nestled in amongst a spectacular mountainous backdrop. This is the bay in fact which is most regularly photographed to advertise Turkey’s charms and beauty – which says a lot in itself.

Olu Deniz

Oludeniz is a protected area. The Turkish government wisely declared it a National Park many years ago when property in Turkey started to be built throughout the island’s coastal regions. It’s this National Park status, with its ban on commercial development near the bay, which has allowed Oludeniz to maintain its natural, unspoiled look.

Favourite beaches in the area tend to be The Blue Lagoon (where there is a ban on motorised sports so you can look forward to some peaceful bathing here) and the shingle-clad Kidrak which tends to be more favoured by locals.

The skin-enhancing Properties of Dalaman

A pretty former farming area with an airport serving popular tourist locations such as Fethiye, Oludeniz and Marmaris, Dalaman is actually worth a look itself. That’s because, much like the rest of Turkey, it boasts beautiful sandy beaches and historic Roman sites, especially the rock tombs near the Dalyan River. Only difference is, tourists have more opportunity to unwind here.

The famous Iztuzu beach is the natural habitat of the island’s loggerhead sea turtles (a protected species) and the nearby Dalyan mud baths are where visitors can encase themselves in this grey allegedly health-giving and skin-softening substance and sit until it bakes hard before giving themselves a refreshing rinse. Cleopatra has said to have been a fan and if they’re lucky enough visitors may even bump into David Bowie or Dustin Hoffman (both of whom have been caught wallowing).

The Nightlife and Decadence of Marmaris

Another stunning coastal region with sparkling blue water, sand and shingle beaches, and a forest backdrop of pine trees, Marmaris is one of Turkey’s more popular regions for visitors – as well as those investing in Turkey property.

As such it has plenty in the form of entertainment such as restaurants, bars and night clubs. There’s also the country’s largest – and most spectacular – yachting marina

Nearby Icmeler is a haven for those interested in water sports such as diving, water skiing and paragliding while visitors with more down-to-earth ideas of spending time can enjoy touring the countryside and passing through beautiful traditional Turkish villages.

Wherever you plan to visit in Turkey, or if you’re interested in property for sale in Kalkan, Fethiye or other areas of the country then we’d be happy here at Oceanwide Properties by giving you the wealth of our experience.



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