Turkey’s Natural Wonders


If you haven’t been to see them already, then Turkey’s national wonders are well worth a visit. Whether you’ve recently bought property in Turkey and are keen to get out and about and tick these fascinating sites off your ‘To Do’ list, or if you’re out just out here on a couple of weeks holiday and trying to cram in as many visits as possible, then here’s the Oceanwide Properties team’s list of favourite geological wonders to get you kickstarted:

Lunar Landscape of Cappadocia

Part of the Goreme National Park in Antalya, which was designated in 1985, the lunar-like landscape of Cappadocia consists of a huge chamber and tunnel complex carved into natural soft rock. Volcanic eruptions hundreds of years ago have resulted in rocks and mountains of pinnacles, cones, mushrooms and pillars, many of which reach 130 feet high – a fairytale valley in other words. It’s possible to rent bikes, scooters and cars in the nearby town of Goreme to go off exploring on your own; otherwise join an organised tour (of which there are many).


Cotton Terraces of Turkey

In the Denizli Province in southwestern Turkey sits another breath-taking wonder. The natural phenomenon of Pamukkale (known locally as ‘the cotton terraces of Turkey’), is a magical thermal environment as well as a huge holiday and recreational area. The natural hot springs (up to 17 of them; some of which reach temperatures of 100 degrees) and mud baths are believed to bring health benefits while the incredible views are therapeutic in their own right.

Peace of Patara Beach

Near the ancient Lycian city of Patara lies, what many believe is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The 12 kilometres of white sand and calm turquoise water is very rarely crowded due to its relatively remote location. However it is extremely accessible to those lucky enough to have found a property for sale in Fethiye (either the town or the region). The beach is home to the endangered loggerhead turtle and because of this construction and other ‘development’ has been banned on the beach or a number of years now.

Beauty of Butterfly Valley

Another natural gem and a sight practically untouched by mass tourism since the 1970s when it first became a ‘must see’ spot, Butterfly Valley near Fethiye is more or less secluded. It is accessible only by taxi boat – which is the reason it has been allowed to remain unspoiled by human hands for so long. The large canyon in which the butterflies reside offers excellent hiking and photography as well as incredible nature walks.

Turkey is truly a land of natural beauty which has been admired for centuries. Luckily, the secluded valleys and beaches mentioned above provide the perfect opportunity for you to buy property in Turkey with the knowledge you’ll always have places to ‘chill out’ .  Contact Oceanwide Properties Turkey for specialised property guidance in the country’s resort areas and Istanbul. We also provide marketing strategies for current home owners looking to sell their properties here.


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