Turkey’s Rich Wine Heritage


If you’re planning a visit to Turkey soon, either for a holiday or to look into Turkish property for sale then you might be interested to know that the country actually has quite a few very good wine’s worth sampling.

In fact, together with Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, Turkey was one of the early players when it comes to wine production with the Caucasus believed to have been one of the first wine making regions in the world. Today there are between 600 to 1200 different types of grape in Turkey with which to produce wine, although only 60 varieties are used in a commercial sense. Having said that, the country’s organic wine production is the fifth highest in a global sense.


Turkey’s first ever commercial winery was set up in 1925 by president Mustafa Ataturk. Today it produces more than 40 million litres a year. There are four main wine producing countries in Turkey. These are: Thrace beside the Sea of Marmara, Izmir on the Aegean Coast, the Central Anatolia Plateau and Eastern Antolia.

Even if you’re not heading to Turkey to look at property for sale in Kalkan, Fethiye or other popular coastal areas, then you’ll still be able to sample Turkish home back home here in the UK. That’s because research here by the team at Oceanwide Properties has revealed that several British supermarkets are now beginning to stock Turkish wines.

British supermarkets who stock Turkish wine

Waitrose for instance are now selling Pamukkale Diamond – a red wine comprised of shiraz and merlot together with a mixture of Turkish grape such as karasi and blogazkere. It boasts a smooth blackberry taste. Marks and Spencer have also joined the bandwagon with its red Anfora Trio 2012.

Meanwhile wine expert Fiona Beckett said she wouldn’t be surprised to see more Turkish wines appearing on British supermarket shelves over the next few years thanks to the fact the country has some “very interesting indigenous grape varieties” and that supermarkets were always keen to find the next unusual wine growing country.

Turkish wines to crow about

  • The Pamukkale winery first started production in 1962 and you’ll pay more than £10 for a typical bottle of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. These wines are popular in Scandinavian countries as well as Germany and Austria.
  • Sevilen wine has been around since 1942. It comes from Izmir and Central Anatolia.
  •  Kavaklidere wine was founded even earlier – in 1929 – and is sold in America and the Middle East as well as Europe. In fact there’s a high likelihood you might be able to find it in your local supermarket.
  • Sirince wine is a strong wine, named after the village but also produced in other areas of Turkey such as the Aegean Coast.

If you happen to be heading to Turkey to look for a house or apartment then please do drop in to see us at Oceanwide Properties Turkey. It’d be nice to chat about the latest Turkey property over a glass or two of one of the above wines.

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