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It’s common to consider Turkey a country with a reserved clothing and very little fashion sense, and where many Turks are more likely to dress more on the conservative rather than the modern side. And had you been referring to a Turkey several years ago you would probably have been right. Today, however, things have changed pretty markedly. In fact here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey we are aware of several Turkish fashion houses around today which are actually leading international trends.


  • European & Modern. The majority of Turks may be Muslim, but European style clothing is definitely Big News. You only have to look at the output of some of the top Turkish designers to see what we mean. These characters and their fashion houses  include Atalar, Batik, Sabra Tekstil, Roman, Koton and Fabrica. The younger generation in particular are fond of modern designer clothing and, given the high youth population of Turkey, it makes sense for international fashion to come to the fore here.
  • Textile & Fashion Fairs. Turkey, and particularly Istanbul, hosts a number of annual textile and fashion fairs.  The bi-annual Istanbul Fashion Fair is one of the largest and most widely publicised. It’s also here that large clothing chains such as Zara and Mango have admitted to finding inspiration for their design collections.
  • Dressing down in Turkey. But Turkey is not just about couture fashion. The country is also one of the world’s key denim producers. Denim is actually a steady fashion statement in Turkey and you will find many of the world’s top fashion brands have a link with denim production here.
  • Online shopping. Turkish fashionistas are not only keeping up with top international clothng trends, they’re also – like those us back home in the UK – increasingly buying their fashion online. If you’ve bought an investment property in Turkey and planning to stay here several months of the year, then there are plenty of online Turkish fashion stores to choose from, so shop around to make sure you find a perfect fit.
  • Istanbul for high street fashion. If you happen to be visiting or holidaying in Turkey and fortunate enough to be near Istanbul then head there for some clothes shopping. Not only does the city boast some of the largest shopping centres in Europe, but it’s also commonly regarded as Turkey’s fashion capital. Here you’ll find plenty of local and international designers desperate to demonstrate their wares to admiring European buyers.

So, whether you prefer dressing up or dressing down, you’ll find you won’t be lost for clothing choices in Turkey. If you’re over here looking at property for sale in Fethiye or some other area boasting excellent value Turkish property, then why not give us a call here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey? We’d be only too happy to point you in the right direction by revealing our portfolio of properties in Fethiye, Side, Antalya and Istanbul too.

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