Turkey’s Top Weekend Entertainment Trends


It’s weekend and you just happen to find yourself in one of the world’s most desirable locations – Turkey.  Whether you’re a night owl, sun-seeker, single or have a family in tow, there’s always plenty to see and do in Turkey at the weekends.  Here’s what the team at Oceanwide Properties Turkey like to indulge in at weekends:


Off To the Markets

Weekend markets are always busy in Turkey.  Pick your favourite between the traditional food markets, arts, craft, local produce and imported goods emporiums.  Happily, you can expect to find something for just about every taste and preference in the traditional Turkish markets, be it for young or old.  But, best of all, if you really fancy experiencing an authentic Turkish market (of the 1400s ilk, then make your way to Istanbul’s weekly Grand Bazaar which boasts no more than 5000 local stalls!

City Night Life

Istanbul is a Turkish entertainment hotspot.  Whether you want to party by the sea or enjoy downtown pubs and vibrant crowds, this fun city is the place to be for the weekend. You can’t really help either being a resident in Istanbul, or a visitor, without experiencing the fun that is the city’s nightlife. For the young at heart there are plenty of night clubs to choose from – check out the famous Reina if you really want to experience the Turkish night life experience.  It offers elegant restaurants, up-beat bars and dance floors to take you into the wee hours of the night.

Bosphorus Boat Rides

Boat cruises on Istanbul’s strait, the Bosphorus, is a firm family favourite.  Depending on how much time you have available, choose between short ferry rides or longer boat cruises to the Black Sea for a day outing.  However, if you’re new to Turkey, then do be careful of non-reputable boat cruiser operators and only opt for the established versions.

Cafés and Coffee Houses

Turkey has no shortage of cafés and coffeehouses that will have your stomach rumbling – even if you’ve just indulged in a huge Turkish breakfast. Treat yourself or your family to a Saturday café outing, while mingling with the local – enjoy their dialect and laid back way of life.  Turkey is known for its sunny, langurous days, so choose a downtown café with outdoor seating and simple people watch: it’s an entertainment experience in itself!

Culture & History

Any ex-pat living in a property in Turkey will tell you that discovering the country’s culture and history is the best part of living here. Istanbul is rated among the world’s best cities and has a fantastic public transport system which is worth taking advantage of. Visit the city’s historic quarters, palaces, modern centres and coastline attractions – all of which you can do in a day.  In Istanbul, the saying ‘east meets west’ really does take on a new meaning.

We wouldn’t be surprised if, having found yourself a tourist in the country, you end up dreaming of owning property in Turkey.  You might even see property for sale in Turkey on your week’s holiday.  If you find yourself needing advice or help in sealing such a deal, then please do contact Oceanwide Properties Turkey or and we’ll be happy to help you secure your dream Turkey property.


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