Turkey’s Up and Coming Organic Markets

The Turkish way of life has always been super healthy – remember we are talking about a Mediterranean country here. But with the global surge in organic lifestyles, Turkey was quick to come on board and in fact many traditional Turkish agricultural produce was completely organic to start with.  For expats who have newly invested in a property in Turkey finding organic foods here and opting for an organic lifestyle can prove a whole new and exciting adventure. At Oceanwide Properties Turkey we’re pretty interested in the organic scene ourselves and this is what we’ve discovered lately:

MarketOrganic Food Markets

There are various markets or food bazaars in Turkey’s cities and even smaller towns which are dedicated to selling organic foods only.  Isn’t it great to know that everything you buy from these markets isn’t just fresh, but works for the environment and the small farmer too?  Istanbul in particular is known for its market-culture. It is nice to notice a mix of locals and foreign expats enjoying these markets, and farmers themselves can often be found selling their own goods. Ask locals and you may hear that organic foods are a bit on the expensive side.  But for expats who are used to organic lifestyles in the UK, the organic-only markets in Turkey will leave them extra lira in their pockets.

Inspections & Certifications

With the increased demand for organic food on a global basis, it should come as no surprise that some food producers wrongly claim their food is organically produced on farms in Turkey.  But because organic produce in Turkey is subject to inspection, and certifications, they should be able to show you paperwork if you’re at all suspicious. Turkey is a key organic exporter and because of this, foreigners buying genuine organic produce in Turkey can always be assured of high standards. Just make sure you can see the necessary certification before you buy.

Organic Textiles

The organic label no longer just refers to free range chickens and fruits and vegetables produced on farms or agricultural land in Turkey without any preservatives and other chemical nasties. Turkey is a highly regarded organic textile producer these days with a vast number of certified organic cotton textile producers and employees. Ex-pats and tourists alike love the fact that this organic cotton can regularly be found at smaller outlets, markets and shops throughout Turkey, and at reasonable rates. An organic lifestyle means a healthy population, cleaner environment and well looked after animals. And that’s exactly what you will find in Turkey today. If that’s the kind of lifestyle you yourself aspire to then you could be very happy living in a property in Turkey. Why not contact us here at Oceanwide Properties and let us show you the type of Turkey property available today. Certainly with the current exchange rate being so favourable for sterling there has never been a better time to buy.


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