Turkish Law and Residency Permits


A question we get asked a lot here by non-Turkish residents at Oceanwide Properties is how to get a residency permit. Every currently is different and has their own set of rules regarding how long a foreign citizen can remain without having to fill out a dizzying amount of forms. And Turkey is no different.

For Turkey property buyers the coast is clear so to speak since any foreign national who purchases a home here is automatically granted a year long residency permit, thanks to a recent change in the country’s laws. Before the change only three month permits were granted whether you were a tourist or the owner of a property in Turkey.

Turkey travel visaHow Much Will a Turkish Residency Permit Cost?

As a rough guide a 12 month residency permit in Turkey will normally cost around 60 Euros. It has to be applied for at least two weeks before your current permit expires. The good news is that after this you can consider applying for a permit lasting five years.

What Type of Paperwork Will I need?

There’s a list of items you’ll want to take with you when you apply for a permit at the passport office. These include your passport and six passport size photos, a couple of copies of your TAPU, your residency book, tax number and the official residency folder (which can be bought from any local stationary shop). You’ll also need to prove that you can actually afford to live in Turkey by taking along a photocopy of a recent bank statement.

How Do I Go About Getting a Permit in Turkey?

Take the documents to your passport office where you’ll be asked to fill out two forms – one of which must be filled out by computer. The next step is to register at the Muhtar’s (or mayor’s) office. After that it’s a trip to the Tax Office where you’ll actually pay for the permit. But you’re not finished yet. Be prepared for a jaunt to the Kaymakamlik (or governor’s office) where the permit will be stamped. Next you’ll buy a residency book and fill out your residency declaration form (which has to be typed). Finally you’ll return to the Passport Office with your official residency folder which will be full to spilling with all the documentation that you’ve just picked up. There the papers will be checked and your application approved. At this point you’ll have to hand over your passport but should receive it back within two weeks. Meanwhile you’ll be able to return and pick up your official permit within 24 hours

For further information or clarification on obtaining a residency permit in Turkey don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey or staff at our office in London. We’ve been operating in Turkey for more than eight years now and are familiar with all facets of Turkish and government law as well as an authority on the Turkey property.


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