Join Oceanwide and Hayvan Dostlari at the Uzumlu Mushroom Festival this weekend!


Join the Oceanwide Properties team and FETAV Hayvan Dostlari (Animal Friends Charity) at the annual Uzumlu Mushroom Festival this weekend. Find us in-front of the Oceanwide Uzumlu office located opposite the central mosque. Starting Friday 7th April and running until Sunday 9th, it’s sure to be a fun packed event well worth a visit if you’re in town.

9th Annual Uzumlu Mushroom Festival 2017

Uzumlu Mushroom Festival
A Morel Mushroom

This is the 9th morel mushroom festival to be held in Uzumlu and it promises to be bigger, busier and even better than previous years.

Fethiye Municipality have been hard at work organising three action packed days full of music, dance, talks, entertainment and of-course, mushrooms. For those unfamiliar with Uzumlu, it’s normally a sleepy, fairly traditional village 20 minutes inland from Fethiye. Tucked into a deep mountain valley surrounded by pine forest, it’s a wonderful place to retreat to during the long summer days should you ever fancy a break from the busy nearby tourist resorts. In springtime, when the village is at it’s best, the abundance of wild mushrooms found in the surrounding forest and hillsides gives the community the chance to come together and celebrate.

A little about morel mushrooms – Why the festival?

Wild morel mushrooms, or kuzugobegi in Turkish, are a delicacy prized by chefs and gourmets across the globe. Each springtime thousands of morel enthusiasts take to the forests and countryside morel hunting, or molly mooching as it’s sometimes referred. These distinctive, honeycomb headed fungi are a treasured find across Turkey, the US, Canada, China, Cyprus and the Med and found in abundance at this time of year in the forests and valleys surrounding Uzumlu. The annual mushroom festival highlights the morel harvest and also gives the local community a wonderful chance to dance and celebrate with the whole of central Uzumlu and some of the neighbouring villages a buzz with activity with plenty to see and do for the entire family.


Uzumlu Mushroom Festival
The Festival Program

Friday. The festival kicks off with it’s first concert at midday on Friday featuring drums and zurna leading up to the official opening ceremony at 3pm. Between 3pm and 5pm visitors can enjoy free mushroom soup. There will be an photography exhibition, street musicians, a marching band, folk dancing and various public speeches throughout the afternoon. Expect an evening filled with free music and dance from 7pm until midnight from a fabulous mix or Turkish solo artists and musicians.

Saturday: The day starts with organised groups of dedicated mushroom hunters heading out into the hills around Cadianda on a quest to find morels (mushrooms) from 10am until 1pm. Meanwhile various speeches and talks will take place throughout the afternoon as well as school cookery competitions, a fashion show, sporting events, photography exhibition, dancing and kids face painting. A varied line up of live music performances and concerts can be enjoyed from midday until midnight.

Sunday: Uzumlu’s neighbouring village of Kizilbel and Geyran mountain set the scene for Sundays organised mushroom hunt from 11am. Music performances start back in Uzumlu at midday with performances running until midnight from schoolchildren, local groups and established artists. There is a classical music concert at Cadianda’s antique theater from 2.30 until 3.30pm.



Fethiye CharityThis year Oceanwide Properties will share their front office and stall at the festival with Fethiye based animal charity, Hayvan Dostlari. The charity, set up in 2016 under FETAV, are embarking on an exciting project to build an Animal Education Centre that will raise awareness of the need and rights of domestic and street animals. They also intend educating the local community on animal welfare issues and teaching others how to treat pets, wildlife and strays.

Most visitors to Turkey will be aware of the desperate need for projects such as this. Unfortunately animal rights are often misunderstood or overlooked in Turkey with many animals suffering as a result. Although there are now fabulous charities like Animal Aid battling the urgent neutering, spaying and healthcare needs of street animals, an education program is also desperately needed to help communities and people of all ages to understand animal rights and how to treat and look after animals and wildlife in support the front-line work.

Uzumlu Mushroom Festival
Oceanwide Properties Office opposite Uzumlu central mosque

Hayvan Dostlari will be selling cakes, trinkets, jewelry and a fascinating mix of other donated items at the festival with all proceeds going to the new Animal Education Centre. Please do pop along for a chat if you would like to know more about the project, make a donation or get involved. Oceanwide Properties News will be posting a more in-depth look at the wonderful work of Hayvan Dostlari later this week.

We look forward to seeing you at the festival!

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