Want to Retire to Warmer Climes?


Is this the year you’re finally going to do something about your retirement plans and invest in a property in Turkey or somewhere else warm and sunny abroad?

If so, at Oceanwide Properties we can certainly advise you on buying a property in Turkey, together with listing some of the benefits of retiring to a country where the cost of living is one third the current cost of the UK and many other European nations.


Healthy Living

In Turkey you’ll be outdoors most of the time soaking up those Vitamin D-giving rays (which are great for bone-related conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis). You’ll probably exercise more and as a result be more agile.

Nutrition-wise there are lots of outdoor markets selling a wonderful array of fresh fruit and vegetables. There’s also plenty of nuts and dried fruits (both of which are positively packed with vitamins and minerals).

European Influences

Turkey is in line to become a member of the European Union. It may take a number of years but within that time it will have fallen more in line with European standards of which you’ll be more familiar. This should give Europeans living in Turkey property more confidence and even rights. Turkey has already bent over backwards to be hospitable to non-Turkish citizens living there by extending the residency visa and making buying a property quicker (by speeding up military clearance via the local TAPU offices).


Yes, you can still bring Rover or Tiddles with you to make your Turkey property really feel like a home from home (although you can only bring one of each). They’ll also have to be vaccinated. Cats require a rabies vaccination at least 15 days prior to entering turkey while dogs must get a rabies vaccination along with parva, hepatitis, distemper and leptospiroz. A pet certificate from your vet is also a must.


Don’t forget to let the Department of Work and Pensions back home in the UK know that you’re moving so they can continue paying out what you’re due. This involves filling out a Life Certificate form to assure them that you are indeed alive and kicking – and living in sunnier climes.


As we get older we find we rely on our cars more regularly. The good news is that not only can you get a permit to drive in Turkey but you can even bring your own car with you, provided you have a residency permit. It should be registered with the Turkish Touring and Automobile Club (expect to have to produce documentation such as car registration document, passport, retirement documents etc. After registering you’ll be able to receive your driving permit which you’d then take to a customs office to register. It couldn’t be simpler.

If Turkey is one of the countres on your possible Top 10 retirement list then do give us a call or drop us an email at Oceanwide Properties Turkey and we’ll happily share our knowledge on the country with you as well as show you potential Turkey properties. We’ve helped hundreds of UK retirees make the move to Turkey over the years – many of whom we can introduce you to for further inside information.


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