When Rain Does Fall


The beautiful weather with its warm hot summer days and balmy evenings is the reason many foreign citizens choose to pack up home and move to a Turkey property, determined to make it into a home and kickstart their new life in a foreign land. And here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey we understand why that is, having done so ourselves (we have offices in both London and Turkey).


It’s not round the clock sunshine all year round though. From time to time it does rain (well, it wouldn’t be very fair to everyone else if it was sunny all the time). But seriously, come the winter in Turkey there can be the occasional storm and, although it’s really nothing to be overly-concerned about, it does make sense to take some precautions beforehand to alleviate any potential discomfort.

Preparation for Winter in Turkey

Luckily for those living in the Fethiye region there’s even less to worry about than other areas thanks to that surrounding wall of mountains the area is supported by – and which helps hold back the worst of the winds. For the rest of us though, here’s a quick checklist of what to get ready:

·         Waterproof clothing. Rain and thunderstorms are the biggest culprits in Turkish storms with snow arriving around the start of December. As far as the rain is concerned, it’s always a good idea to invest in a decent pair of waterproof pants as well as a jacket and a pair of sturdy rain boots.

·         Food. Make sure you have enough provisions for several days in the event of not being able to travel to the nearest village or shop (there are times when heavy rain fall can cause landslides and makes access via road or rail impossible).

·         Heating. Do you have any means of getting warm in the event your heating breaks down? A gas fire or small stove could be a Godsend here (the latter means you’d also be able to have a reviving cup of tea now and again).

·         Lighting. Check the batteries in your torch are still working at the beginning of autumn and do so monthly throughout the winter months. Are there spare candles in the house? It can be frightening and unpleasant having to grope your way around in the dark.

Your own safety, and that of your family, is your biggest priority in a storm. However your Turkey property can suffer too, so it’s also good idea to do a quick run-around of your home at the beginning of Autumn to clear drains of any debris (you’ll have to keep lifting leaves during autumn of course), ensure there’s no loose roof tiles and to unblock anything in the gutter that could potentially become a problem.

If you’re looking for a property for sale in Kalkan, Fethiye or other areas of Turkey, or you’d like a long-term rental investment then please call in at either our Oceanwide Properties Turkey office or in London for advice and an up-to-date property listing.


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