Why Property Maintenance in Turkey is Essential


Being able to afford to buy property in a foreign country is no longer a pipe dream but instead has become a lovely reality for many families, couples and individuals. And Turkey is one country which has certainly attracted a lot of foreign property investment in recent years – thanks in part to the low cost of property in Turkey.


If you’re thinking of investing in a property in Turkey then you’ll obviously have to consider the property management side – and its associated expenses – too; especially if you’ve bought a second home in Turkey. Second homes will always be in need of a caring hand when you’re not around.

Turkey’s property management industry actually developed as a result of the demand from the expat community – thanks to its popularity as a second-home and holiday destination, with many families staying for longer than a short-lived holiday season.

Here are some tips to managing a property in Turkey right here:

Everything-Included Property Management

Whether you own a one bedroom apartment in a complex, a three bedroom villa or even a mansion, you’ll obviously be keen to know that your investment is being looked after in your absence. It’s not always possible (and not fair either) to ask your Turkish neighbours to keep an occasional eye on your home – especially if you’re not there for six months of the year.

Here at Oceanwide Properties we’re aware that there is certainly no shortage of highly suitable and reputable property managers available in Turkey.  And the good news is that you can appoint a property manager to do just about any property related task– from garden maintenance to security services.  Then again, if you’re living in an apartment forming part of a bigger complex, then most likely the services of a property manager are included with the rent or purchase of the complex property.

Getting Some Local Advice

Property managers in Turkey are either contractible via an agency or a private contract between yourself and an individual. If your property management company or individual is local then you will benefit from knowledge such as where to find the best paint deal, most conscientious gardening provider or a security service you can really trust. This is a huge step forward in finding your feet in a foreign country, and a very reassuring one at that.

Property investment in a foreign country is a decision which should never be taken lightly. And thankfully not many do. It makes no sense then to leave a Turkey property unsupervised when you’re not in attendance and that’s why, here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey we would always stress the importance of researching a local property management company or individual to ensure your property remains in tip top condition. After all, you’re going to be renting it out so it has to be immaculate and everything in working order for your paying guests (otherwise they won’t – pay you, that is!).


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