Why You Need Home Insurance in Turkey


Now that you’re lucky enough to have found your ideal Turkey property the next step is to think about insuring that dream second home or retiral property of yours.

Fully furnished seaview villa in Ovacik £98,000
Fully furnished seaview villa in Ovacik £98,000

Whether you’re planning to retire and reside in Turkey full-time or just intend to stay there half the year and rent it out to holiday makers the other six months as more of a rental income and investment opportunity, then the type of insurance you’ll be looking at will differ. Here at Oceanwide Properties we’ll list below the different types of insurance available for foreign citizens look to insure a property in Turkey.

In Turkey there are three main types of property insurance – and a fourth for holiday rental owners. As in the UK you should look at taking out both buildings and contents insurance. In Turkey however, there is another level of insurance which is compulsory. This is called DASK and is a requirement of the Turkish government. That’s because it covers earthquakes. But don’t be alarmed – it’s there to protect both you and the Turkish government in the light of claims.

  • Contents. This should cover such items as your furniture ie sofas, tables, chairs, beds etc. It should also take into account electric items such as TVs and cameras as well as soft furnishings. Think too about such items as mobile phones, bikes, cash and, if you intend to rent out your property, then also damage by tenants.
  • Buildings. This should take into account how much it would cost to actually rebuild your property so it’s necessary to find out from the outset what the actual market value of your home is. You can do this by working out what the size of your property is in terms of square metres then get a quote from an architect or insurance company.
  • DASK. In English this is referred to as The Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP) and is there to pay property owners whose homes have been damaged by a natural disaster such as an earthquake. The cost of the insurance is dependent on where the property is, what type of property it is and what it is constructed from ie stone or wood.The maximum the property owner can expect to recoup is around  140,000 TL and the insurance itself can be purchased from an insurance broker, bank or an agent such as ourselves.It’s important to know that when registering your property you must provide evidence of DASK insurance.
  • Public liability insurance. This is relevant to those who intend to rent out their homes as holiday lets. Public liability insurance covers yourself if there is a death or an individual is injured on your property due to neglect or even a force of nature.

You can find out more about insurance and the paperwork involved in buying a property for sale in Turkey – whether to live in or rent – in the ‘Useful Resources’ section of our website, Oceanwide Properties Turkey, today.


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