Winter in Fethiye

winter in fethiye

Winter in Fethiye

Ask many people who have settled in Turkey when their favourite time of year is and most will say winter in Fethiye is not to be missed.

In the summer you have the obvious benefits of constant sunshine, bustling towns and sea front and lots to see and do.

But the winter season is becoming more popular both among visitors and long term residents.

The first question on most people’s lips is ‘what’s the weather like?’.

So…What Is The Weather Like?

Usually, during November, December and March you can expect temperatures to reach around 20 degrees. There are rain showers and storms but overall days are sunny and fresh.

January and February commonly experience a lot more rain so a rain coat in your wardrobe is always a good idea.

In winter you can also expect the temperature to drop as the sun goes down.

The upside of this is that the already stunning sunsets get even better.

Is Fethiye ‘Open’?

In days gone by in the more touristy areas, such as Çalış and Hisaronu, bars, restaurants and shops would invariably close. However, with more people now calling these areas home, many of these establishments are now remaining open either all the time or over weekends so you can enjoy the weather in the winter in fethiye from the comfort of a warm environment.



Ölü Deniz, however, uses the winter to repair and spruce up their roads and buildings. Of course, you can still take a stroll on the beach and find somewhere for a warm beverage afterwards but little else.

Fethiye and the popular village of Üzümlü tend to remain the same no matter what the season.

Fethiye itself is a working town with banks, shops, restaurants etc operating as normal to accommodate the workers and full time residents.

What Can I Do During Winter?

Due to lack of demand many of the summer tours don’t run in the winter, neither does the water taxi. You can still do a breakfast boat trip although you’ll probably want to keep your toes out of the water!

Events such as coffee mornings and quizzes continue throughout the winter in fethiye and the bars are now well equipped to keep you warm and toasty during your visit.

If you are a keen fan of the outdoors the weather is perfect for walking and cycling. Should you venture in to the countryside you’ll be wowed by the autumnal colours all around you.

What About A Bit Of Snow?

It has been many years since snow has settled on the coast but usually in winter in fethiye you can still see it on the top of the surrounding mountains.

If you prefer to get out into the snow a short drive in to the country will result in finding enough snow for a snowball fight and some sledging.

However, if you really like snow and possess gaiters and crampons, the local snow walking group aims to get out in to the thick of it at least a few times a year.

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