Working in Turkey as an EU Citizen


Turkey is one of the most charming Mediterranean countries, while at the same time a Middle Eastern country which is well-developed and able to boast a growing economy. It’s no surprise then that young people and professionals alike are looking towards it for careers abroad. If you are one of these young professionals who are looking to relocate to the team at Oceanwide Properties Turkey here can offer you some advice:


Secure a Job
However idyllic it may seem to arrive in Turkey with no job ties or schedule, the best advice is definitely to secure a job before arrival. This will give you the opportunity to sort out paperwork, work visas and other contracts beforehand. Turkey requires all individuals who are planning to relocate to Turkey with the intention of working in the country, to obtain a work permit from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate. Your new employer in Turkey is also required to submit documentation for your Turkish work permit. You can get all the details from your local embassy of course. Essentially though, turning up in Turkey with a work permit secured will make the first few days of your arrival run nice and smoothly.

English Speaking Jobs
Being a native English speaker can open many career doors in Turkey. Typically, jobs occupied by foreigners with native English skills include those in sales, management, education, tourism and marketing. Youngsters and students on a break may be drawn to working in restaurants or hotels, or even au pair work – these are jobs for which English skills can certainly be beneficial. Graduates on the other hand have the option to work as an English teacher – although to secure a teaching job you’ll probably need to be based in Turkey first.

Multinational Companies
For working professionals, relocating via a multinational company is another good way to secure a job in Turkey. These huge global concerns often offer jobs in Istanbul or Ankara – the country’s biggest economic centres.

Recruitment Agencies & Employment Companies
One of your best chances of securing a job in Turkey is via a local Turkish recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies can be found in all of Turkey’s main cities.  If you are not yet located in Turkey, contacting these companies online is a good way of starting your hunt. Online Turkish employment companies also help assist expats.

Local Contact
Perhaps you have already relocated to Turkey and are now looking to rent or buy a Turkish property? If you’re looking for a part-time job or casual work then local newspapers are the way to go. Expat publications are also work a look at – especially for au pair and cleaning jobs. Just like at home, check out local supermarket bulletin boards etc too.

The Oceanwide Properties team is sure that once you’ve found a job in Turkey, your search for property in Turkey will follow. For that, remember that you can call on an estate agent in Fethiye or other coastal resorts like ourselves who will be happy to show you round and reveal our portfolio of apartments and villas in this beautiful area of Turkey.


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