World Turkish Coffee Day

World Turkish Coffee Day

There is a saying: “A cup of Turkish coffee is remembered for 40 years,” implying that numerous friendships can be conformed around a solitary cup of Turkish coffee. To commend the restless nights and unequaled taste of this beloved coffee, December 5th  has been dedicated to as World Turkish Coffee Day.

What makes Turkish coffee so unique  from other coffee types is its finely ground coffee beans. The preparing technique is likewise  unique as the coffee grounds are left in the cup. Inspite of the fact  brewing methods for European coffees have changed  consistently throughout the years  the method for Turkish coffee has continued the same for centuries. In all actuality, making Turkish coffee is now simple thanks to automatic machines, the taste is genuinely extraordinary when it is made in copper pots on a coal fire.

Turkish coffee is presented with a glass of water and a bit of Turkish delight, or Lokum, on the side. The water plans to awaken and revive your taste buds, so you can appreciate the coffee’s flavor much more. Turks consider their coffee a delicacy, not something you drink throughout the day.

Turkish coffee as cultural heritage

Turkish coffee is essential for Turkish people and their culture. Turks associate Turkish coffee with discussions made with companions, as a morning treat and with breaks taken during the day. If you are tired from a hard day’s work, nothing sets you feeling in a good mood like a cup of Turkish coffee with a glass of water. However, there are many examples that Turkish coffee plays a more crucial role in social life.

At the point when a future groom visits the house of a future bride to request for her hand from her father, Turkish coffee is served to each visitor. In the past, women presented salty coffee to the men they did not care for and coffee with plenty of sugar to those they did like.  In this manner , the groom candidates are able to subtly sense out their potential wife’s conclusion through a single cup of Turkish coffee.

Turkish coffee is in addition the subject of numerous superstitions, including the most mainstream suggesting that the grounds left in the cup can foresee your future. When the coffee is drunk and only the grounds are left, the cup is usually turned over on a saucer to cool, and it is accepted that the patterns left in the coffee grounds can be used for fortune telling.


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