You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune to Secure a Second Home in Turkey


For some time now Turkey has proven extremely popular to those looking to buy a property overseas.

Aegean properties prove popular for their holiday let potential
Aegean properties prove popular for their holiday let potential

The reasons for this are many but one of the more obvious is the fact that a property in Turkey is incredibly good value and far less expensive than other areas with such magnificent beaches, warm weather and friendly locals. In fact it’s perfectly possibly to buy a stunning property in Turkey without breaking the bank as it were.

That’s because lovely two or three bedroom villas in Turkey can start from as little as £70,000 while you can expect to snap up an apartment for as little as £30,000.

Property for sale in the Aegean region

For more desirable areas such as the Aegean region and property for sale in Kalkan it’ll cost a bit more. But then the amenities, including a stunning beach and outstanding facilities, are far more upmarket and luxurious in nature.

These areas are also far easier to access thanks to the relatively nearby Dalaman international airport. In fact, property for sale in Fethiye – as well as Kalkan – is proving extremely popular with investors who are buying up villas and apartments to rent out as holiday homes.

Here at Oceanwide Properties we currently have a contemporary one bedroom apartment in Fethiye set within a residential complex sitting 10 minutes drive away from the town centre. Due to be completed in March next year, it’s selling for as little as £32,500. Meanwhile a modern three bedroom apartment for sale in Deliktas, Fethiye is selling for as little as £47,000.

In Kalkan, a charming one bedroom apartment on a well-maintained complex with pool near the town centre costs just £42,000 while a two bedroom duplex apartment in Kiziltas, Kalkan with stunning views across the bay comes in at just £59,000.

Property for sale in Bodrum

Another popular coastal area with tourists where it’s possible to find Turkey property, again at reasonable prices, Bodrum boasts plenty of pretty fishing villages as well as nearby nightlife and shopping.

Cost of living 50 per cent lower in Turkey

As well as property being less expensive in Turkey the cost of living is also pretty low in comparison to UK prices – around 50 per cent lower at least. For instance a meal for two (three courses) in a mid-range restaurant in Istanbul would cost 60 YTL, the comparison in London would come to 147 YTL (an increase of 145.31 per cent).

You can expect to pay a basic utilities bill of around 212.50 YTL per month in Istanbul compared to 472.76 in London (an increase of 122.48 per cent).

Food too is less expensive with 1kg of tomatoes costing 2.50 YTL in Istanbul compared to an equivalent of 5.89 YTL in London (an increase of 135 per cent).

If you’re interested in looking at a property in Turkey then here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey we’d be very happy to help with advice or relocation details. You can take a look at our website to see some of the properties we have currently available.


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