About Gocek


Gocek, or “Kalimche” as it was once known, is set at the north-west end of the Gulf of Fethiye and is renowned as Turkeys yachtsman choice.

Situated between Dalaman and Fethiye, the port of Gocek is a small, charming and sophisticated town blessed with magnificent scenery and a lovely selection of high-end boutique shops, hotels and cafes.

We have all heard the adage “Location. Location. Location”, well this is certainly apt here. Gocek is one of the most prized postcodes along Turkeys Turquoise coast.


The whole of Turkey is steeped in myth and legend and Gocek is no exception. Locals would have you believe that it is here that Icarus plummeted into the sea following his famous flight whilst trying to escape imprisonment from the tower


 Many celebrities, the rich and wealthy have either purchased holiday homes or moor their mega-yachts in one of Gocek’s marinas – it’s not un-common to spot a star or two dining in one of the fancy restaurants along the harbour front.

The port has been popular with yachtsmen throughout history, given shelter to passing ships and even pirates according to some.

The waters around Gocek are glorious with a number of pretty coves and 12 islands. The backdrop is spectacular – pine forest mountains.


The main Dalaman to Fethiye highway winds through the back, separating the flat town centre from the Gocek hills where you will find the most luxurious properties for sale.


The area was officially designated a Registered Area of Special Protection in 1988. Thankfully that helped limit development and mass tourism – you won’t find any high-rise hotels or cramped housing here!


Gocek is a far more peaceful and charming resort. The centre provides all the necessary amenities, shops, mini-markets, supermarkets, alongside the fancy high-end boutiques, international restaurants and cool shaded bistros. If you have a healthy budget and are looking at investing in a more sophisticated coastal resort, or perhaps have a yacht and are looking for a property near a marina, Gocek may be for you.


All development in Gocek is strictly monitored. Houses are no more than two stories high with maybe an attic or basement conversion in some cases.


The area is still relatively unspoiled and property in Gocek keeps its price and tends to rise significantly in value over time.


It will come as no surprise that the prices of properties in Gocek come at a premium.

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