1. Decide on the location
  2. View as many properties as possible until you find the one for you
  3. Agree on a price
  4. Sign your contract, pay your deposit and have all personal and legal paperwork in place
  5. Final checks, before completion for your Title Deed, your agent will make sure there is no debt registered against the property. They will also ensure it has living permission and that everything is in legal order.
  6. Foreign buyers, via a ruling by the Central Bank, must have a Foreign Real Estate Appraisal (DAP cetificate) this must be carried out on the property before purchase, and the amount shown in Turkish Lira.
  7. Completion, In Turkey, both parties must be present at the Land Registry Office to complete the sale (or their representative with Power of Attorney) to witness and sign the title deeds. Your agent will be there and an official translator (if required). At this point, any remaining funds will be paid, as well as all relevant taxes and charges. 
  8. Additional charges and Utilities, Now you own your home your agent will help arrange for utilities to be transferred into your name. Both water and electricity are subject to a one-off transfer fee.

    Other payments: Earthquake Insurance (DASK) is compulsory in Turkey and paid on completion and then yearly. Council Tax in Turkey is a low yearly fee paid to the local council

Keep in mind, when buying a property in turkey there will be additional purchase costs. As a general guide, we advise that approximately 8% of the actual purchase price be added, but could be a little higher or lower.

We have broken these costs down into the categories below:

Estate Agent Fees
Translation Services
Earthquake Insurance
Purchasing Tax
Transfer of Title Deeds Payment
Admin & Notary Fees
Lawyer/Solicitor Fees should you choose to use legal representation

Things change often here in Turkey, and when it comes to buying a property the rules, regulations and requirments are something that you need to pay close attention too, as they also change frequently.

For a foriegn national to buy a property here in Turkey it is a legal requirment for the buyer to have an official property valuation survey done.

This report needs to be done by a recognised registered professional surveyer.

There is a list of registered property surveyers approved by the Turkish goverment that are able to do this job, however the relevent departments that the survey is sent to can ask at any time for another survey to be done (at present this is common practise)

The same is required of a Turkish national if they are buying a property with a mortgage.

This survey is submitted on line and in Turkish to the title deeds office, if you need help understanding this document you can always ask your estate agent or a certified translator.

On the title deeds, the amount declared should be as close as possible to the given survey valuation amount.

This survey is applied for and paid for online, this is usually done for you by your estate agent and at present the cost of a survey is in the approx region of 10,000.00 TL (subject to change this article was  written on 15-01-2024)

It can take anywhere betwen 3 days and 3 weeks for the survey report to be completed.

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